One Last Look at 363 Bond Street Before it Gets Torn Down

363 Bond Street

363 Bond Street


If you’d like to get one last look at 363 Bond Street before it’s covered up — and eventually torn down — now’s your chance. Construction workers are currently erecting a construction barrier similar to the one they installed across the street at 365 Bond Street in July. Soon enough both buildings will be gone to make way for the 700-unit monstrosity that’s coming; a new sign promises demolition will be complete by the end of 2013.

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The Lightstone Group is Contacting Gowanus Residents



The Lightstone Group has been sending out letters via Certified Mail (signature required) to residents near their Gowanus development site. The Group intends to conduct detailed examinations of the inside and outside of building near the site before they begin construction in an effort to protect themselves against lawsuits resulting from potential damage, standard practice when a building is going up that will require earth-shaking and ear-splitting pile drivers. We’re SO looking forward to waking up to that at 7am every morning for months on end.

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L Train Vintage rolls into Gowanus

Gowanus once again finds itself at the corner of hip and cool with the opening of L Train Vintage on Sackett btw 4th Ave & 3rd Ave in Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY.


What is L Train Vintage you ask? Well, it’s a vintage and thrift store that started in Williamsburg… then transplanted to Bushwick. The following video talks about Urban Jungle, which is apparently one of the stores in a series of stores under the L Train Vintage brand. It explains a little bit more of the brands backstory…

So, what will you see when you stop by L Train Vintage’s new Gowanus location?

Well, for one lots and lots of space that’s filled with hip things:

Like Shoes…

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The Gowanus Lightstone Development Death March Grinds On


Things are busy on the Lightstone Group’s Gowanus development front, with a flurry of on-site activity over the past few weeks. Demolition is nigh.

A two-man crew of surveyors are out right this second mapping out underground cables and pipes with spraypaint on the asphalt — similar to the markings they put down earlier this year – this time with yellow, red and the dreaded white markings, the latter indicating “proposed excavation limits or route,” according to the Wikipedia entry on utility location markers. A separate three-man crew down the block is busy using shovels and a small front-end loader to clear away the dense grass and weeds that have grown in sidewalk crevices over the past few months while the building at 363 Bond has been neglected.


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TONIGHT: Protest Against the Lightstone Group’s Gowanus Development



Save Gowanus is hosting a rally tonight to protest the Lightstone Group’s 12-story residential development set to begin construction on the banks of the Gowanus Canal. The rally starts at 7:30 p.m. on the Carroll Street bridge. Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson will appear at the event. has the story.

Lightstone filed plans with the city this week to start construction at 363-365 Bond Street, although when the construction will actually begin remains unclear. The city’s Planning Commission approved the development in March.

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Verizon Vacates Gowanus Lot it Has Occupied Since 1977

The entire block bordered by Nevins, Carroll, Union Streets and the Gowanus Canal has been completely vacated by longtime tenant Verizon. You might not recognize this lot from many of the nondescript warehouse blocks in Gowanus but for the dozens (hundreds?) of Verizon trucks that used to be parked inside. Here’s a picture from Google Maps Street View, dated June 2011, Verizon trucks in full force:

Verizon Lot Gowanus


Today, the lot is completely empty. Here’s a photo we took from the Union Street Bridge:

Verizon Lot Gowanus

The building had been a hub for Verizon field technicians since 1977. One has to wonder, with all the development both planned and already underway in Gowanus, did some anxious speculator snap up this entire lot for future development?

After some quick Googling, we’ve determined that the answer is yes, of course: reports that Property Markets Group, “a developer known for luxury residential buildings,” snatched the entire property for $14 million this past December.

Those of us nauseated by the 700 unit residential development going up on the opposite side of the canal can breathe easy (the canal’s fumes notwithstanding) for now: PMG’s Richard Lam says there are no current plans for developing the lot. Indeed, it appears that the company is just looking for a tenant to rent the space for now while plans are made to develop the property, according to sign on the corner of Nevins and Union Streets:

Verizon Lot Gowanus

The Verizon vehicles previously housed in this lot have relocated to another facility on Third Street and Third Avenue. We’re sure that lot will become luxury condos too faster than you can say “FiOS.”

Mother Feather “Mother Feather” Official Video


Photo above from Mother Feather’s site by David Pexton

Mother Feather‘s official video for their self title song “Mother Feather.

Filmed at the amazing Gowanus Ballroom!

Bonus Your Face Off

Gowanus Ballroom is still looking for help after being flooded by Hurricane Sandy. Won’t you consider making a donation to this wonderful art space as someones holiday gift? You know donating also makes a good self gift too  :)

Runner & Stone Opens!


This morning the sun filled 285 Third Avenue illuminating a uniquely designed new eatery in Gowanus, Brooklyn called Runner & Stone. The space, which was under construction for months (and discussed previously), has been transformed from an old law office into a beautifully laid out bakery and restaurant.

Today, for their soft opening, Runner & Stone offered up lots of tasty treats for curious locals who started flooding in just before 9:00am.

Upon exploring the space customers could see why construction took so long. The eatery has not one, but two levels…

a skylight garden…

and not just a full kitchen, but a bakery area to make pastries and bread.

The space is filled with beautifully crafted thick wooden tables made from old water towers.

And the walls of the space have an interesting texture look with concrete bricks shaped by the use of old flour bags.

It’s truly a warm and inviting space!

Runner and Stone‘s opening marks yet another dramatic shift for Gowanus’s Third Avenue. The Avenue that runs through an industrial neighborhood, exploded recently with many new businesses trying to take advantage of the seemingly endless foot traffic that is usually only found in Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. Runner and Stone joins Cotta Bene, a delicious Italian restaurant (best Italian rolls ever!), in focusing on not only the dinner market, but the breakfast/lunch market to fulfill the populations needs. Runner & Stone and Cotta Bene are a part of a growing dining scene that includes the popular clam shack Littleneck, Littleneck’s sister space The Pines, and the well know, pork chop offering, haunt Two Tom’s. But restaurants are not all that have taking over Third Avenue; unique stores like Twig Terrariums and the Brooklyn Robot Foundry  have appeared and started proving business can indeed grow and grow fast along Third Avenue in the once forgotten neighborhood of Gowanus, Brooklyn.