Giant Gnome makes girl cry!

We haven’t spoken of ‘It’ before for fear that it would come and eat us in our sleep. ‘It’ watches over Bond street and hangs out next to the┬áJohn Creech D & P scenery studio. ‘It’ is super huge and when you see it, you freeze in your tracks.

It’s the Giant Gnome!

Up until recently ‘It’ has provided a peaceful existence for all of us by keeping the Union & Carroll Street Bridge Trolls at bay. But now we say the Giant Gnome has gone to far by making a little girl cry…


It’s time to grab your pitchforks oh great townsfolk of Gowanus! We must rise up against the scary Giant Gnome and ask him what’s his deal?! If he is out to destroy our little houses then he must go! But if he be hungry for the taste of hipsters, then he may stay.

Also, someone schedule a meeting to talk about the Bridge Trolls…