Clams for Breakfast!?

So, Littleneck, the most famous Clam Shack in New York, is planning on opening for Brunch “soon”. They were mum’s about what the menu would entail, but we hope it’s fish and waffle! –mmmh fish and waffles! It’s actually doubtful that will be on the menu and the same goes for the title of this post… no clams before noon we guess. But really who knows? These guys opened a clam shack in Gowanus and it seems like a pretty darn happening places. The place is usually full of locals and tourist (not from Brooklyn) people. We have a feeling that their brunch well do just fine even with something clams and oatmeal (which is again most likely not going to be on the menu).

Look there menu says the what what about the brunch brunch…

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