Brad Landers says Piss-Off to Fat Cat Corporations – Politics for the People

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So we are on the email Newsletter list for many local politicians. Usually these Newsletters can be kind of boring; there like: “I am a politician and I believe in your rights”, and “look at me next to a tree or at a fundraiser”. Big freaking deal! Not really that exciting. But the last few emails from City Councilmember Brad Lander have really gotten our attention. The one from December had the title of:

Don’t Shop Lowe’s, Shop Local”

This was in response to Lowe’s pulling its advertising for the reality show All-American Muslim after receiving pressure from an anti-Muslim organization. The City Councilmember used the Lowe’s situation to encourage people to buy local, which is fine by us. –although their is a Lowes just a few blocks outside his district and they may not take to kindly to such email subject titles.

Yesterday’s Newletter (January’s) continues the pushback against corporate entities saying:

Do you want Walmart picking our President? How about Exxon Mobil choosing your next member of Congress?….In New York City, we are fighting back … for a democracy of, by, and for the people (not the corporations).”

This Newsletter all about turning over the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United that made Corporations have the same rights as people.

We gotta tell you this doesn’t sound like politics as usual. City Councilmember Landers is going for an all at ‘screw you corporate bastards’ campaign! and the three specifically listed: Lowes, Walmart, and Exxon aren’t some no political funding groups either. These three really pay into politics (looking for a good citation). It makes us really happy that someone who represent a part of the Gowanus area is really into the small local business owner. Of course the City Councilmember has almost ever hip happening ‘buy local’ neighborhood in New York with the neighborhoods of: Columbia Waterfront, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Gowanus, Park Slop, Windsor Terrace, Prospect Park, Kensington, and Borough Park. This is the home of the DIY Nation. So many small business are popping up because jobs wont come from the fat cats, they’ll come from the individual pursuing a dream. The City Councilmember might of also learned that these neighborhoods have become the home away from home for many of the displace Occupiers and that in general, with the exception of a small few, this is where many political rabble rousers live.

What’s really cool is that City Coucilmember Lander is in some way trying to entice people with these Newsletters to continue to actively participate in budgetary meetings from his district. It’s like he actually believes people can run the government, not faceless corporations. We say keep it up City Councilmember Lander, we are behind you and your continued Newsletter rants against the corporate machine!

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