Littleneck finally opening!

Seems like it was only yesterday that we mention a ‘fish shop‘ was opening on 3rd Avenue… well it’s not exactly a fish shop, but dang it we were close. We now know it’s a clam shop… a New England style clam shop named Littleneck to be exact. The place is owned by three young guys who have put it all on the line for a dream. They have been working hard everyday to get the place ready for the public excited and anxious to say: “Seafood in Gowanus!?”.

Either yesterday or today a sign appeared on the front window that states: “Your neighborhood Seafood Joint will be open next weds. Join us for a bite and a glass of beer or wine. We will be accepting cash only. Thanx”

There it is folks… the day Gowanus gets Seafoodtastic!


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