Squid of the Day: Squid-tronaut

Remember recently when your love of space travel was rekindled by finding When We Left Earth Discover series on  Netflix? And remember how to the sweet narration of Gary Sinise’s voice you google NASA and randomly discovered that this launch is the last shuttle mission? Do you?

Okay, since you do, you can realize just how cool it is that NASA sent a squid into space. Hey, a squid! Totally awesome!

Seems, as usual, NASA want to know about how bacteria works in low or no gravity. The little squid has some type of “good” bacteria in and on it that scientist want to study in this environment.

But pour freaking squid. Probably plucked from a posh fish tank and launched into space. That little guys gonna ink himself something awful!

Go Science!


Artist Rendition of Squid in Space

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